How Would You Know If You Need Replacement

The roof is unquestionable, the most integral part of a construction structure, and serves the key role of keeping the house protected. Installing a new roof is as important as it gets because the failure of the old roof can damage the insides of the house too. Roof replacement surely can’t be taken lightly, nor is it something that can be delayed. If you sense that your roof is old or shows some kind of damage, brush up on some basics and get a roofing contractor in time.


When Is The Time For Your Roof To Be Replaced?


Even if the roof of the house looks great from the ground, it’s time to replace it if it’s already 40-50 years old. Another sign to look out for is curling shingles that can lead to leaks. Depending on the degree of the curling, you may need a new roof within 1 year.

If a few shingles here and there are missing, it gets almost impossible to replace them and still match the color. If your roof looks mismatched, it’s good to replace the whole thing. Another major factor to consider is cracked shingles – although they can be replaced, get a new roof if the cracking isn’t limited to a particular spot.

If light gets in through your roof, so can snow, rain, and cold air. Larger cracks turn into structural damage, and it’s wise to replace the roof soon. Lastly, if the roof seems to sag, it’s a clear indication of a structural issue and gets it replaced as soon as possible.


Guide In Choosing a Good Roofing Material


To get your roof replaced, you can scroll through a variety of materials, each of which comes with different durability and appeal.

Wood shingles

Made of cedar or other rot-resistant variety like redwood, these shingles offer a natural look. However, they call for periodic maintenance and have a short life span.

Plastic polymer

The shingles form durable roofing that is easy-to-maintain and can be recycled.

Clay tiles

They are made from natural materials and are quite long-lasting. But, the tiles are brittle and can break, while also being an expensive choice.

Concrete tiles

Less expensive than clay tiles, these are long-lasting and worked up with natural materials.


One of the most durable choices, metal roofing can be made with copper, zinc, steel, or aluminum. The roofing can also be recycled when replaced but calls for heavy energy to manufacture.

Natural slate

One of the oldest roofing materials, slate is durable, versatile, and also impermeable.

How to Choose a Roofing Contractor?

Rushing when you pick a roofing company to do the replacement can be a menace if you don’t pay close attention to selecting the right contractor.

Before you settle down for a roofer, check if they are close enough to follow up later. They also must have good experience in the field, which is even better if they have worked for one of your friends or family. Check for their past work not only to get reviews about their service but also to learn whether they do the kind of work you need.

Inquire enough about the materials they offer, the style of shingles, the pitch of the roof, the construction type as well as the costs at which they offer the different varieties. However, don’t let the pricing be the sole influencing factor, rather, go for a blend of price and the issues that they rightly address.