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Updated: 10/06/15

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Sushi Zen will be closed for Columbus Day October 12th.

We will resume regular operations on Tuesday.

Updated: 08/27/15

Introduction to Kaiseki $65 menu is now available!! 

Updated: 08/26/15

Chef Yamamoto Takashi Kaiseki event mentioned in the New York Times

Updated: 08/25/15

Kaiseki for Dinner and Lunch on Village Voice

Updated: 08/24/15

Chef Yamamotos Two Week Event 08/24 thru 09/04 Monday thru Friday

Lunch Set $45

Dinner Kaiseki $110

Updated: 08/20/15

Yamamoto Special Two Week Event

Menu is not online 

you may also view it on out menu page/ seasonal

Updated: 08/08/15

Due to overwhelming lunch requests for the Yamamoto Event, we will start taking reservations for Lunch as well!

*Sushi Zen regular menu items will not be on the menu during this event.

Updated: 08/03/15

Hello Everyone! 

From August 24 to September 4th, 

Sushi Zen will step aside and welcome Chef Yamamoto to hold his own Kaiseki Event.

We hope you can come and enjoy!!

Updated: 07/13/15

Hello Friends and Guests,

As many of you may know, we have been mentioned in the New York Times article “New York City Requires Restaurants to Freeze Raw Fish Before Serving.” 

We would like to use this time to mention that it will NOT impact most of the Sushi restaurants in New York City.

As James Versocki, from the National Restaurant Association states, 

“Most Grade Sushi that restaurants serve are not impacted by this.”

“Most fish are usually frozen at some point of from the water to the table.” 

James Versocki also states that tuna are allowed to be served raw, however even Tuna is deep frozen the moment they are caught.

Purchasing “frozen fish” does not always mean cheap fish.

The key of this topic is freezing for sanitation, and purchasing fish from reputable purveyors, not freezing for extended shelf-life.

We would like to further mention the difference between fish being Raw, and fish being fresh.

Raw, is untouched, un-cooked non-prepped state of fish.

Fresh, defines time.

Sushi Zen does not serve any of its fish raw. Our fish is always fresh.

There are misconceptions that the art of Sushi is only based on the technique of cutting raw fish.

For fish to be Sushi ready requires fresh fish and the techniques in preparing fish accordingly before being served. 

In 2012 Master chef Suzuki, and the Japanese Consulate General in New York, through the Gohan Foundation (Gohan Society) had opened lectures and seminars to professional chefs on traditional techniques of handling and preparing raw fish, as well as preserving the flavor and freshness of fish.   

For more information, please visit the Gohan Society website

and our website 

Updated: 07/15/15

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Sushi Zen will be closed for Independence Day Saturday July 4th

We will see you all back on Monday!!

Updated: 05/11/15

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Sushi Zen will be closed from Saturday May 23 to 

Memorials Day Monday May 25.

We will resume our regular business hours on Tuesday May 26.

Thank you


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Starting Next Week Monday 04/06/2015,

We will be transitioning to serving Only Omakase at the sushi bar for Dinner Hours.   

We hope you can truly enjoy the Sushi Zen dining experience at the sushi bar!


Updated: 02/20/15

Sushi Zen will be closed Saturday 2/28/15 due to Hot water and Heater maintenance. 

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. 

Updated: 02/10/15

Sushi Zen will be closed for Presidents Day, Monday February 16th. 

We will resume normal operations on Tuesday.

Updated: 01/27/15

Ladies and gentlemen,

We will be open tonight!

Please stop by warm up, charge up for the rest of the week ahead! 

URGENT Update 01/27/15

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,
As of 7am. All mass transit are being halted until further notice. 

We are expecting the system to be restored by late afternoon. 

At this time we plan to open Sushi Zen for the dinner hours. 

We will keep everyone updated.

URGENT Update!! 01/26/15
Due to the severe weather conditions, Sushi Zen will be closed for this evening.

We will post updates on operations for tomorrow, depending on weather conditions.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.


Updated: 01/24/15

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Fugu is back!! This will be our last round of fugu for this winter. 

Once we sell out, we will not have them back until the end of 2015!!

Reservations will begin Monday January 26th.

Updated: 01/13/15

Sushi Zen will open at 6pm on Sunday, January 24th.

We can only accept reservations at the sushi bar.

Updated: 01/09/15

Sushi Zen will be Closed on Monday Martin Luther King Day January 19th. 

We will resume our normal operations on Tuesday.

Updated: 12/27/14

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

As of tonight, our fugu is sold out!! first time we have had a shortage before the year end...

BUT! not to worry we are expecting additional shipments mid January.

Updated: 12/26/14

Sushi Zen will be Closed on New Years eve December 31st and New Years Day January 1st. 

We wish you all a Happy New Year!!

Updated: 11/21/14

2014 Fugu Menu. Starting Monday 11/24/14

-Tessa (thinly sliced Fugu) $65
-Tessa Set comes with Fugu Karaage, Hire (fugu fin) sake, Nikogori (fugu dashi broth jelly) $80
-Fugu Sushi & Sashimi $15 per piece.

Updated: 11/19/14

FUGU Update!! 

We will begin serving Fugu Starting Monday November 24th!!

This year, we will have a variety of Menu items, and will list the items and price later this week. (on Facebook & our Homepage

Fugu will be sold on first come first serve basis,

**Lastly, if you do decide on having fugu elsewhere, please be sure they have a certificate from the ToraFugu Buyers Association, approved by the US FDA.

Updated: 11/10/14

FUGU Update! We have just placed our orders for this years Fugu.
We are expecting the arrival of fugu at the end of the month.

We will update on a specific date soon.

Updated: 11/06/14

Sushi Zen will be Closed on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday 11/27/14.

We will resume our regular operations on Friday 11/28/14

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Updated: 11/05/14

Chef Michael Anthony from Gramercy Tavern, mentioned our Chef Suzuki as "The most generous and talented chefs I have ever met." 

Thank you so much Michael san!!

Forbes Life article 

Updated: 10/23/14

Due to Kitchen repairs, SushiZen will be Closed on Saturday 11/01/14.

We will resume normal hours Monday 11/03/14

Updated: 09/12/14

Pardon our appearance, we will need to accommodate for our good neighbors moving out, and a warm welcome for our new neighbors moving in. 

It is business as usual inside SushiZen, and we would love having you over. 


Updated: 08/25/14

We will be welcoming Matsutake Mushrooms next week starting September 2nd 

Updated: 08/18/14

Sushi Zen will be Closed on Monday September 1st (Labor Day)
We will resume operations on Tuesday September 2nd at 12pm.

Updated: 06/20/14

Sushi Zen will be Closed on Friday July 4 (Independence Day)
We will resume operations on Saturday July 5th at 5pm.

Updated: 02/07/14

Sushi Zen shares Sushi Secrets with Epoch Times

Updated: 01/11/14

Our Omakase dishes have been chosen by Chefs Feed's elite Contributing Chefs as one of the “Best Things to Eat in New York City”: 

- Omakase, selected by chef Craig Koketsu of Hurricane Club, Park Avenue Summer, Quality Meats had this to say: “Suzuki-san is one of the most generous chefs in NYC. He has an unparalleled knowledge of seafood preparation and freely shares it with other chefs. Sit at the bar and let him do his thing. His manipulation of local and seasonal ingredients paired with the stellar Japanese products he sources make it an unforgettable experience.”

- Omakase, selected by chef Seamus Mullen of Tertulia, Gotham West Market (coming soon) had this to say: “Anything that chef Suzuki prepares is incredible. Go during the week, make a reservation at the counter, and make sure you try his complex vegetable creations. He is a master and incredibly passionate about Japanese cuisine. He even makes his own vinegars! Hands down, the best Japanese food I've ever had.”

Updated: 01/04/14

Thank you so much everyone! We have sold out of FUGU for this Season!! 

Minasama Arigatou Gozaimasu!!

Updated: 01/02/14


We hope your 2014 will be a wonderful auspicious year!!



Updated: 12/30/13

WOW! We have not anticipated the volume of Fugu requests for this season! We are on our last batch for this season! Our next batch will be in late 2014!

Get them Now!

Updated: 12/28/13

Having an unusually warm day.

We hope everyone has a great NEW YEAR! 

We will be taking a small break over the new year holiday, but we look forward to serving you all starting January 2, 2014!!

Updated: 12/23/13

Have a wonderful Merry Christmas!!

-Sushi Zen Staff

Updated: 11/22/13

January Schedule:

Wednesday 1st Closed. 

Thursday 2nd Open Lunch and Dinner Hours


We will be serving Fugu starting Monday! November 25th.

Updated: 11/15/13

December Schedule:

Sunday 22nd Closed

Tuesday 25th Closed

Sunday 29th Dinner from 5pm

Tuesday 31st Closed

Updated: 11/11/13


Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you so much for the many emails over the past few months.

Sushi Zen will have FDA Certified Fugu on our menu!! We are anticipating an arrival on 

(FRIDAY) November 22!!

We will update should the arrival time change.

*As many of you many know, fugu is a very toxic fish. Fugu must be prepared by licensed purveyors in Japan. (Never prepared in the U.S.) Please make sure when dining elsewhere, that the fugu they serve is certified by the FDA.

**Sushi Zen only serves fugu purchased from the Torafugu Buyers Association, a certified FDA purveyor.

Updated: 10/30/13

Schedule for November 2013

Thursday 11/28/13

Thanksgiving: Closed

Friday November 29th Closed for Lunch. Dinner Only. 

Updated: 08/05/13

Schedule for September 2013

Monday 09/02/13

Labor Day: Closed

Resuming normal operations on Tuesday September 3rd

Updated: 06/06/13

Schedule for July 2013

Thursday 07/04/13

Independence Day: Closed

Resuming normal operations on Friday

Updated: 04/13/13

Schedule for May 2013

Monday 05/27/13 

Memorial Day: Closed

we will resume our operations on Tuesday

Updated: 01/14/13

Schedule for February 2013

Monday 02/18/13

Presidents Day: Dinner Only 5pm~10pm

Updated: 01/08/13

Lunch and Dinner Menus Updated

Updated: 01/07/13

Seasonal Menu Updated

Updated: 01/01/13

Happy New Years to everyone! 
May all your wish and dreams come true!

Updated: 12/29/12

Sushi Zen is signing off for 2012!!

We will see you all again on January 2nd 2013!!


Updated: 12/25/12

Happy Holidays to our Dearest Guests and Friends!!

Many wishes and Dreams to all :)

- Suzuki and Sushi Zen Staff Members

Updated: 11/25/12  

Restaurant Schedule for December 2012.

Monday-Friday 12pm-2:45pm


Monday-Friday 5:30pm-10pm
Saturday & Sundays 5pm-10pm

Christmas Day Open for Dinner 5pm-10pm

December 30~January 1st CLOSED

We will see you soon!
-Suzuki & Sushi Zen Staff Members

Updated: 11/19/12

Thank you so much for your many birthday wishes!! 
I am looking forward for 67!!


Thank you all for coming to Sushi Zen! 
I am happy when you are happy!


Updated: 11/03/12

Restaurant Schedule for November 2012.

Open for Dinner on SUNDAY November 18th.

Closed for Thanksgiving THURSDAY November 22nd.

FRIDAY November 23rd Open for Dinner

Great to see NYC slowly but surely recovering. Proof of how strong we are!

- Suzuki and Sushi Zen members.

Updated: 11/01/12

We hope everyone is doing well.

You may be tired physically as well as mentally,
or it may be your first time out after the storm.

We wanted to let you know that Sushi Zen is OPEN and running at regular hours

Come in, relax take a deep breath and rejuvenate with our menu line up and some hot sake.

See you soon

-Suzuki and Sushi Zen Members

Updated: 10/30/12 @ 5:30pm

WOW! it was a relief and big surprise to see everyone coming for lunch today.

Due to over whelming volume of guests from lunch, we will resume our dinner operations at 6pm, 

with a limited Lunch style menu as we are low on fish supply for this evening.

We will be expecting delivery for Wednesday as scheduled.

Come by and get energized; with Omega 3!

We hope to see your smiles this evening.

Have a safe one.

- Suzuki & Sushi Zen Staff.

Updated: 10/30/12

Great news everyone!! 

Sushi Zen will be OPEN Tuesday October 30th, for lunch and dinner.
There will be limited seating available due to under staffing for lunch.

We are expecting a full service operation by dinner.

Thank you everyone and we hope to see you here

-Suzuki & Sushi Zen Staff

Updated: 10/28/12

In anticipation of Sandy's arrival, we will be closed tomorrow, Monday, October 29th. 
We hope everyone has a stay safe and dry weekend!

Updated: 10/25/12

2012 Holiday Business Hours

Thanksgiving Day : Cosed

Friday, November 23rd : Dinner Served 5pm-10pm

Best regards,

Chef SUZUKI and SUSHI ZEN staff

Updated: 10/22/12

Sushi Zen is featured on the Fall 2012 edition of ELITE magazine,

Updated: 10/09/12

Thank you all for your reviews on Zagat Survey!

We greatly appreciate your ratings.

We hope to do even better next year.

Chef SUZUKI and SUSHI ZEN staff 

Updated: 09/09/12

Fall is here! and so is our new menu!

We have added new items as well as refined items.

We hope to see you soon!

-Chef SUZUKI and SUSHI ZEN staff

Updated: 9/01/12

After 30 hours of battling with water, we are finally finished with the repairs and will now move on to touch ups.

Thank you everyone for your concerns, and my deepest apologies for not being able to open our doors for this evening.


Updated: 9/01/12

Due to emergency repairs we are CLOSED for this evening. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Chef SUZUKI and SUSHI ZEN staff

Updated: 8/21/12

Sushi Zen now has Asahi Super Dry on Tap!!

Imported directly from Japan, Asahi Super Dry is one of the few premium blend beers made unpasteurized, giving a bold crisp flavor topped with a creamy cap.

Pair it up with an Omakase sushi, to find the perfect harmony!

See you soon!

Chef SUZUKI and SUSHI ZEN staff

Updated: 8/8/12

2012 Holiday Business Hours

We will be closed on Labor Day, Monday, September 3rd. 

Best regards,

Chef SUZUKI and SUSHI ZEN staff

Updated: 6/6/12

New menu items listed!
Featuring Seasonal Ingredients, Bluefin Tuna Medley, Sushi grade Medium Rare Grilled Salmon.

We will see you soon!

Chef SUZUKI and SUSHI ZEN staff

Updated: 6/5/12

2012 Holiday Business Hours

We will be closed on Independence Day, Wednesday, July 4th. 

Best regards,

Chef SUZUKI and SUSHI ZEN staff

Updated: 5/7/12

2012 Holiday Business Hours

We will be closed on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28th. 

Best regards,

Chef SUZUKI and SUSHI ZEN staff

Updated: 3/10/12

We have updated our Seasonal Ingredients. We hope to see you here!

Updated: 3/08/12

We have added new photos of the Hocho Demonstration at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Also updates on our Media Press page. 

Updated: 2/29/12

Master Chef Suzuki worked together with the Consulate of Japan called "Project Ikejime"
at several locations around NYC. Please view our Gallery Page.

Updated: 1/29/12

Master Chef Suzuki was featured in NHK world news. please view our media section

Updated: 1/21/12

We have updated our Facebook page! please stop by!

Updated: 1/17/12

2012 Holiday Business Hours

Monday, February 20th  Dinner Only, from 5:00 pm-10pm 

For Reservations, please contact us at: 212-302-0707

Best regards,

Chef SUZUKI and SUSHI ZEN staff

Updated: 1/07/12

HAPPY NEW YEARS from SUSHI ZEN!!! 新年明けましておめでとうございます!

We have updated our Seasonal Ingredients Menu!!
Please take a look before coming, hotpots and more to warm up the day!

Updated: 12/23/11

2012 Holiday Business Hours

Monday, January 16th  Lunch 12:00pm-2:45pm     Dinner 5:00 pm-10pm 


108 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036

Best regards,

Chef SUZUKI and SUSHI ZEN staff